Creation of a Better Map for my D&D Group

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Since I've moved away from my home-town area, my Dungeons and Dragons group is going to have to start meeting online using Roll20. I decided one of the first things to do to prepare for this was to create a more visually appealing world map. I figured this was necessary because A: I wanted to do it. and B: Our group play a lot with theater of the mind, so during world-travel from location to location, I want something cool to put up on the screen. In Roll20, I apply a hex-grid to aid with gauging travel distances per day.

This map was designed using a software on The software allows you to sculpt your land, apply different textures and colors, spray brush objects, apply text, and much more. My only gripe is that the map size is confined to the size you see below. No going bigger or smaller. But this is a great free service, and I suggest all D&Ders check it out.

Feel free to take any inspirations you want from my map!

A map of my fictional world; Alyrn
A map of my fictional world; Alyrn