My NEW Morning Routine

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My typical morning routine was to roll out of bed and immediately check emails, social media, and some of my favorite sites. I suspect that this is not the best way to start out a work day, so here is the routine that I am going to try out for the next 7 days. (Starting 27JUL2017).

  1. Wake Up at 7:00AM
    I feel that it is important to get up at a consistent time to develop a baseline routine.
  2. Freeform stretching for 5 minutes
    Get the blood flowing right after waking up.
  3. Meditate for 30 minutes
    Organize your thoughts, clear your mind, reset for the day.
  4. ​Shower / Brush Teeth
    Stay clean and such
  5. 25 Push Ups, 25 Crunches, 25 Squats
    Stay in marginally decent shape.
  6. Get Dressed
    Put your mind in a mode for work and productivity
  7. Eat Breakfast
    Something to set your hunger aside for a good long while
  8. Wash Dishes
    Having dirty dishes around bugs me. It's also an easy thing to complete and puts you in the mind set that you can accomplish things.
  9. Read / Reply / Manage Emails
    Read, and take care of these, and don't come back to them till the routine is finished
  10. 2 Hours of Focus work - Listening to classical music
    Work on personal projects. Otherwise these are going to sit in your head and bug you at work, because you'd rather be working on them.
  11. Create a to do list for the remainder of the day
    Set reasonable goals for the day. Recognize failed goals from the previous days, and revise them to be more acheivable.
  12. Read for 30 minutes
    This is for fun relaxation, to give your mind a bit of a break.