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G-Code Leveler

This is a simple utility that takes in a G-Code file, as well as a height map of your machining surface. The application will then add your G-Code to the measured machining surface.


  • PCB leveling for CNC mills
  • 3D Printer Bed Leveling
  • Machine irregular/complex surfaces
  • Rudimentary object duplication


  • Platform independent: The software does not need to connect to your machine. That means you can use it on anything that runs on G-Code (3D Printer, CNC Mill, etc.) You are responsible for measuring your surface and inputting the height map
  • Customizable grid: You can specify how many points you want to measure, giving you the choice between high resolution and speed of measurement
  • Clean and simple interface: No extraneous features, just the buttons you need to get the job done
  • Open Source and Online: It's programmed in JavaScript, so you can download it and alter it to your heart's content. Or you will always be able to access it here on Voltfolio.com


  • (To be completed)