The Importance of Properly Tightened Anti-Backlash Nuts

If your CNC device is is experiencing "wiggling" on a diagonal line, you may want to consider adjusting the anti-backlash nuts on your machine. If they are too loose, they can oscillate in tension while the lead screw pulls in a given direction. This translates to an unsteady motion and will become immediately apparent when two motors are moving in unison.

The anti-backlash nut used on on my router

3D Linear Interpolation

Interpolation is the act of making an educated guess based on other known information. In the contents of this article, I'm going to specifically be looking at the derivation of a process to make interpolations based on a grid of 3D points. So eventually, given an input $X$ and $Y$ coordinate, we can find the interpolated Z height. This method is implemented in the Voltfolio G-Code Leveler which is mostly made to aid in PCB Leveling.

A 3D plane defined by 4 points, and is subdivided into two regions. All points have a known or measured Z "height"


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